Intro to the Audacious Authenticity Online Symposium from Kirsten Liegmann on Vimeo.

Meet the 25 amazing experts who were interviewed for the Audacious Authenticity Symposium

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Since I am starting a new chapter in my business life these interviews and the one on one sessions have really helped me look inside my self and talk through who I really am and what I really want to or was born to do.  It was because of the amazing gifts offered by these amazing people and  2 one on one session that really brought clarity to who I am, what areas I am really strong in and gave me a very clear understanding of what I am suppose to be doing as well as the areas I need to work on and how I can do that.  It was literally 2 hours after the 2nd one on one session that I saw my purpose come through in a big way.  I always knew I had the gift of networking and connecting people but once you really Get It and Know It and it truly sinks in and you put it to work and WOW what amazing things started happen and are still happening for me to this day in a big way and we are talking 10 glorious days and counting to the rest of my life.  I really would encourage anyone wanting to connect to amazing, authentic, REAL people that have so much to teach and share to get the Audacious Authenticity symposium as you will get so many tools and connect to so many amazing authentic people that I guarantee it will make your life much more full.  Thanks to Kirsten for spearheading this program and sharing with the world!

Cameron Gray

I have gained such a depth of rich information, insight & wisdom from watching these incredible experts talking about authenticity!  It made me look at my own authenticity, and how I show up in the world as a person and in my own business as a psychotherapist and relationship coach.  The symposium was super inspiring in reminding myself to 'walk my talk' and to be in full alignment with my authentic self!  Thank you Kirsten for orchestrating such an incredibly important symposium for us to watch so that we can BE THE CHANGE!!

Nicole Verwey, LMFT, MS Psychotherapy & Life Coaching